ASAD Student-Athlete - Guidelines for Behaviour


Participation in a Sport Stream at A.S.A.D. is considered a privilege and should not be taken lightly. Student-Athletes, as representatives of ASAD and the Abilities Centre are amongst the most visible members in our facility and in their respective schools.

Participation in ASAD brings with it a unique opportunity to be a role model, peer supporter, mentor and spokesperson; it also brings responsibilities. The social interaction and personal behaviour of Student-Athletes, while at ASAD, at school or when competing, can be subject to scrutiny and public knowledge.

An ASAD Student-Athlete is expected to be a positive role model and ambassador of the program, the Abilities Centre and their respective sport stream, demonstrating the pursuit of ethical sport, fair play, honesty, integrity and respect for others.

In addition, s/he is expected to abide by all ASAD policies, ASAD Partner Policies, Ability Centre policies, respective team and or league rules, and the policies and procedures of their respective sport-governing bodies (NSO, PSO and CCES).

It is the expectation that ASAD Student Athletes will be responsible citizens, achieving academically and performing athletically.

ASAD Student-Athletes are expected to:

  • Pursue academic success while a Student-Athlete, being a responsible member of each class, which includes attending, being prepared, completing requirements and participating at the level expected of all ASAD students.

  • Fulfill all team commitments throughout the year, including, pre-, mid-, post- or offseason activities as required by their respective sport, and to notify their coach and or teacher(s) regarding any conflict or problems which might reasonably interfere with the fulfillment of these commitments.

  • Exhibit conduct which compliments and enhances ASAD’s reputation, reflecting the highest standards of honour and dignity that should characterize participation in High Performance Sport.

  • Not engage in and/or always separate themselves from any conduct that might be considered unsporting, or that might bring their own reputation, the reputation of the team and/or sport or ASAD into disrepute.

  • Refrain from posting or contributing material to any social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, etc.) or other internet site, and/or any other public medium that reflects negatively upon themselves, their team, the coaching staff, the ASAD or the Abilities Centre.

  • Treat everyone with courtesy and respect, and without discrimination (including harassment) regardless of race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, marital status, family status, or disability. This expectation prohibits any form of harassment or discrimination.

  • Conduct all team welcoming and/or social activities in a manner that respects the individual’s rights, integrity, dignity, safety and well-being, including the right to participate voluntarily without any pressure. Activities that have forced participation, are demeaning, humiliating or disrespectful, are unacceptable.

  • Avoid any negative interaction or conflict with members of the opposing team or competitors (including fans, spectators or supporters), except as they occur in the actual course of competition, and which constitute a reasonable expression of the competitive spirit within a competition.

  • Abide by the rules and regulations of their sport as set out by their respective league and or sport-governing body.

  • Avoid the use of anabolic steroids, or any other illegal, performance-enhancing drugs, and/or techniques as outlined by the Centre for Ethics in Sport (

  • The responsibility to check the status of all medications to ensure that it is not prohibited is the responsibility of the athlete and their family. Information to assist is available from: Substance Classification Booklet: World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List: Email the CCES: CCES Info Line: 1-800-672-7775

  • Refrain from the use of illegal or “recreational” drugs (marijuana, cocaine, hashish), as well as the illegal and/or excessive consumption of alcohol. Under no circumstances shall an ASAD Student Athlete partake in the use of alcohol or other such recreational substance.

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