Abilities Centre’s Academy for Student Athlete Development (ASAD) is a high performance, innovative, holistic and inclusive athletic and academic program designed to support student athletes in grade 9-12 as they strive for success at provincial, national & international levels of competition. The athletic program is designed and delivered in partnership with provincial & national sports organizations to ensure alignment with the Long Term Athlete Development model. The academic component is delivered by full time, certified teachers from partnering school boards and each student athlete completes coursework in line with the provincial Ministry of Education curriculum.


We believe in developing student athletes within an inclusive environment. Our strategic framework inspires success and achievement through equitable access to high-performance training. Our holistic approach and inclusive philosophy set us apart from other programs.


The Academy for Student Athlete Development is a pioneer in the area of development opportunities for high school and club level coaches. We encourage and invite interested school board staff, partnering school boards and classes to visit us and experience the high-performance environment at ASAD.


The Academy for Student Athlete Development provides the advanced athletic training necessary for success, no matter the sport.


Participating student athletes study a Ministry-approved curriculum in local partner schools, close to friends and family, through our partnerships with school boards and support from our professional staff.


Our unique model is one of the most innovative frameworks for aspiring student athletes in the world today. We are the only program supporting parasport and Special Olympic track athletes in Canada, and our model is intended to make high-performance sport training more accessible to more students from a variety of backgrounds.


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