ASAD provides each student athlete with a tailored athletic development plan, which adheres to the appropriate stage of the Long Term Athlete Development model for their respective sport. The athletic plan is coordinated and implemented through our direct partnership with the relevant PSO or NSO. ASAD staff monitor and track progress and provide each athlete with continuous feedback. Student athletes participate in sport specific strength and conditioning, sports psychology, sports nutrition, lifestyle management and other performance enhancement services that set them up for success both in sport and in their careers post sport. Student athletes are also provided with opportunities to enhance their levels of physical literacy through exposure to other sports and recreational opportunities, promoting activity for life.


ASAD coaches are nominated and evaluated by the respective PSO’s and NSO’s, and each head coach is a certified through the National Coach Certification Program (NCCP) at the Train to Compete level. In addition to the ASAD core program, coaches will also be an active resource for high school coaches and staff within partnering school boards to further support the development of regional high school sport and physical education.


ASAD student athletes are encouraged to participate on their high school sport teams. Given that all ASAD student athletes attend the home school of their current residence, they will remain eligible for regional and provincial high school sport competition.

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