ASAD Admissions Process 


1. Select the ASAD location of interest below and complete the Expression of Interest Form.   

2.  An ASAD representative will contact you to confirm receipt of your information. You will receive an invitation to an upcoming information session. 




Application Process: 

All interested candidates for ASAD will be required to complete the Application Process below in order to help us to assess eligibility for the program.  

(The information collected will inform us about your athletic and academic backgrounds and achievements) 


Step 1:  Application and Intake Questionnaire which will include:  

☐ ASAD application form  

☐ Athletic competition level  

☐ Academic  

☐ Online Questionnaires  

☐ Reference  


Step 2: Panel Review  

  • Students applications will be reviewed by an ASAD panel once all intake documents are received completed, as per the schedule below.  

  • There will be a two-week period where the ASAD review panel will meet. The panel will consist of ASAD staff, relevant coaches and ASAD partners.    



Step 3: Acceptance letter, academic approval and registration package:  

  • All applicants will be contacted with the results of the panel review as per the timelines below.   

  • Successful candidates will be sent an ASAD registration package, an academic approval form and may be asked to partake in a 30-minute interview with the Review Panel.    

  • Successful candidates will be required to receive academic approval from their home school as a requirement of eligibility of ASAD.  


Step 4: Acceptance and Final Enrollment  

Full registration packages for ASAD Durham are to be submitted to 

Full registration packages for ASAD London are to be submitted to 



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