Student athletes attend the ASAD training facility for half of their school day and the other half is spent at their home school within the partnering school board. The school board is responsible for delivering the academic component. Each student athlete is provided with an individualized learning program, which aligns with their Individual Pathway Plans. The learning plan is designed in conjunction with ASAD staff, guidance counsellors at partner school boards, student, and their parents/guardians to ensure each student athlete has the opportunity to graduate with 30 credits in four years to qualify them for post-secondary destinations. While attending ASAD, and under the direction of school board teachers, student athletes will work towards credits in health and physical education, cooperative education and a variety E-learning courses as selected by students and their guidance counsellors.


The Academy for Student Athlete Development considers academic achievement as paramount to student athlete success within the program. We are delighted to partner with school boards to offer both academic, applied, university and college level courses to ensure academic eligibility for next level placement at both colleges and universities within Canada, the U.S., and internationally. 


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